Alexei Ryndenko Kozin (born Janurary 29, 1926) is a Russian Lieutenant in Scattered Remains: On Capitol Grounds for the Circuit Breaker Liberation Front. A veteran from World War II and a national hero in Russia, he is one of the oldest soldiers in the C.B.L.A. at 49. He was imprisioned by D.H.D. for his involvement in the attack on Russia's base of operations for D.H.D. He is intitially suspicious of Cyrus and the rest of the C.B.L.A., but finds a friendship with Kelsey Sullivan, who was imprisoned the same prison as him.

Early LifeEdit

Alexei was born in Ukraine, Russia. He was enlisted into the Red Army during World War II in 1944, where he proved to be an excellent sniper, and took place in the assault and capture on the Reichstag in Berlin in 1945, with over 80 kills with his sniper rifle alone. His actions earned him various medals including the Order of the Patriotic War, and the Order of the Red Banner. He went back to Russia and lived there peacefully as a bar owner for several years, until the arrival of D.H.D. in Russia in 1964.