Praefector Cecilia Silvestre (born December 6, 1924, 33 years old (51 years old chronologically) is a main character, first introduced in Scattered Remains: Guarding Peace. Apart from being second-in-command of the DoubleHelix Armed Forces, she is Swifty's biological aunt, and the mother of Noah "Kno" Silvestre. She is also the current owner of the sword Requiem.

She has elegantly curled black long hair that purposefully covers the right side of her face. This is said to hide past injuries, but since she rarely pulls it back to see, this has become something of a myth to nearly everyone.

She is the most respected officer in the D.H.D. Armed Forces, even amongst her superiors, but at the same time the most feared. She is known for her aggressive tactics, punishing squads that fail their missions, and for ordering executions of most prisoners of war, before they can even be brought back to headquarters. As a result, both her allies and enemies consider her a dangerous person. Despite this, she is very protective of Swifty and Adriana, and actually is cautious of anyone who gets near either of them. An avid fan of museums, especially ones that cover the events of the Great War, she often donates to her favorite museums.

As the Praefector for DoubleHelix Incorporated, she represents most of what everyone in the world despises about the company: its cold, professional, and cruel methods to control what's left of the world after the Great War.

Like Swifty, she is actively searching to find her brother, and with vast resources on her hand, she often sends out units just for that purpose. She assigns Nate Callaghan as Swifty's bodyguard after saving her from a previous attempt on her life.

She has been known to actively disagree with the President of D.H.D., Lucian Kingsley, and believes she is fighting for more personal reasons.