Cyrus Macmillian (born March 24, 1948), is is a major character in Scattered Remains: On Capital Grounds. He is a former Captain in the Albourgian army, and co-founder of The Circuit Breaker Liberation Front, along with Gregory Huntington. He is depicted as a generally friendly and optimistic person, and can also be a bit eccentric. He is also a great strategist, and while his tactics are usually effective, they leave most of his squad, mainly Royce, doubtful and hesitant to act.

He is also the owner of the once-successful resturant, The Capitol Grounds. Once a booming business, it was closed due to Cyrus's decision to enlist in the army for a period of time, in the hopes of experiencing different forms of cooking in other countries. Using his salary to help pay to keep the resturant up, but closed, he finally returned full time to it shortly before the start of On Capitol Grounds.

A proud Scotsman, Cyrus often speaks with a moderate Scottish accent and has admitted experience with playing the bagpipes.