Sergeant Jack Sugawara is a main character in Scattered Remains: Dual Destinies Volume Two. He is the squad leader for Squad Omega, in the 76th Armitrian Tactics Division, of the DoubleHelix Armed Forces. His callsign during missions is Omega 1.

Having been in previous battles before, Jack isn't hesitant to volunteer for missions, especially dangerous ones. He is friends with Nate Callaghan and Rico Cortez. He often shows Nate the ropes on regulations and practices, having been in the Armed Forces for a while.

Eventually, he is assigned to bodyguard duty with Nate to Swifty, and the two take 8-hour shifts guarding her.

He considers himself a bit of a philsophist, often getting into one sided debates with his subordinates. He also believes that while the C.B.L.A. are a reasonable threat to DoubleHelix, there is every reason for others to rally behind their cause.