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The Scattered Remains Wiki is a encyclopedia on the upcoming trilogy by Justin George: Scattered Remains: Requiem, and the prequels, Scattered Remains: On Capitol Grounds and Scattered Remains: Guarding Peace.

Both On Capitol Grounds and Guarding Peace take place in the year 1975, while the final novel takes place between the years 1980 and 1981.

The story focuses on the story of Nate Callaghan, an ex-convict and soldier in the massive army for the near-tyrannic electric company, DoubleHelix Discharge Incorporated (shortened to DoubleHelix Inc.), and Kelsey Sullivan, a former police officer for the city of Heywood, who finds himself in the opposing army against the DoubleHelix Armed Forces, the DoubleHelix United Liberation Army (DULA).

Be sure to check out all the related pages as well, for info on all three upcoming novels!

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